Friday, June 07, 2024

Cracking Partch

Friday Very Important Day. Between 1944 and 1948 Virgil Partch (VIP) was one of the regular contributors to the Crackups daily cartoon series that ran in the liberal New York PM newspaper. He filled the Sunday slot in PM (which was actually their 'weekend' paper which combined Saturdays and Sundays). Other papers also ran it, which is great because the micro-fiche availabillity of PM is not very good and what there is is often scratched as well. This year I ran into a source that actuaally ad most of the Crackups run and I proceeded to try and find all the VIP cartoons. Here is everything I have from 1944. I still have to see if there were more in PM before the Chicago Sun started running them, but by this count Partch did 20 in the second half of that year. Some are missing, but they were missing for the paper as well.


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