Saturday, March 15, 2008

Harting along.

I scanned two early BC sundays from 1964 and added a scan of a 1959 original from the Heritage Archives. I also added a couple of daily originals fro Heritage, some of which I used in the Stripschrift article and others I didn't have any room for. The last one shows the development of Hart's graphic style. In the interview with Richard Marshall Hart syas he deliberately gave his cavemen weird bodies, because he wanted to create a distinctive style, like Virgil Partch. It's only when he discovered he had created characters that couldn't even bent over to pick something up, that he took it down a notch.

These two sundays from 1964 illustrate the importance of timing in Johnny Hart's work. I don't even think I completely understand these gags. It's just the way they are presented that makes you laugh.

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