Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Special One Day Only Offer

Advertising Strip Day.

Three more ads for Bazooka, from befor they introduced their famous and longrunning Bazooka Joe character. In those days, you could still advertise your gum as 'atomic'. As I said when I showed an other one, I believe the art is by Irwin Hasen. These pages are from DC's funny animal books Animal Antics and Funny Stuff in the late forties.

From Funny Stuff #38:

From Animal Antics #18:

From Animal Antics #19:

Additionally, here is another (unsigned) Jack Betts ad from his long running Ben Gay series, this one from March 20 1949:

This ad from the same date is either a very early sample of the work of Bud Blake, or it shows the stylistic roots of his later work ijn the late fifties and onwards:

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