Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brown's Bit On The Side

Wednesday Ad Strip Day.

Continuing the Dik Browne Theme of this week, here is a little thing he did for the April 1965 issue of Boy's Life. It is unmistakeably Browne's own work, as are the pages of The Tracey Twins I am showing after that. In the sixties The Tracey twins was downgraded from a full page to a half page (which makes it so much easier to scan). It seems to me, that Browne kept doing this strip (as well as other work for Boy's Life) until well into the sixties even though some sources say it was taken over by Gill Fox. This may even be at a later point, or maybe there was a point in the late fifties Browne had a little help. I have also added another Lipton Tea ad in the Browne style, either by Browne himself, or by Browne and Fox together or by Fox imitating Browne.I have also added a half page from the same April 1965 issue of Boy's Life that seems to me the unmistakable solo work of Fox.

From Boy's Life April 1965:

Boy's Life Feb 1965:

Boy's Life March 1965:

Boy's Life April 1965:

Boy's Life Sept 1965:

Lipton Ad from May 21 1950:

From Boy's Life Sept 1965:

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