Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Flessel Without Hassle

Tuesday newspaper strip Day.

David Crane was a deadly serious strip from former Dc artist Winslow Mortimer about an earnest minister and his flock. In fact, it was Mary Worth in a collar. Some humor was added when an elderly character was added to the strip, making the whole thing a bit more like The Bells of St.Mary's but without Bing Crosby.

First daily from Feb 27 1956:

Dailies from Feb 10 to 28, 1958:

Somewhere in the early sixties Greig Flessel took over David Crane from WIn Mortimer. In the Sundayhe focussed on the elderly charactersand made it more into a gag strip. But thedaily storylines seem to have been just as serious. Before David Crane Flessel had been doing many of the biblical tales for Boy's Life. After David Crane was cancelled in the late sixties of early seventies, he went o to do a naughty half page stripfor Playboy. He would often kid that he went from selling bibles to peddling porn.

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