Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Army Freshness

Wednesday Ad Day.

Never heard of this one before and sadly, all I have is two micro-fiche samples. But I like it.

Jan 27 1946:

Feb 24 1946:


JohnK said...

Hey Ger

do you have any color Sunday pages of 60s Wizard of Id?

I can't find any on the web and would love to talk about the strip.

thanks for all the great lost comics!


Ger Apeldoorn said...

John, I'll share what I have. Is this wekend early enough? Sadly, I have none of the erliest ones. My selection starts around the 1966 mark and as good as the art is, I think it went 'of the boil' quite soon. In the seventies I far prefer PT Bimbo (and have some more of those as well, but I need toscan and collect them).

JohnK said...

1966 is good. It's only about 2 years old then, isn't it?


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Actually, the Sunday started in 1965 and I have found some black and white copies of early Sundays. Turns out my own Sundays (which I can scan in color) don't start until 1968. Since there aren't a lot of stips from that period I like,I don't have many of those. I'll make a mix.