Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Me, Silly

Thursday Story Day.

Here I am, on saturday morning, trying to catch up on a hectic week. These Dilly pages are what I originally intended to show on thursday. It;s Me, Dilly is another of those 'pretty girl trtying to make it as an actress' strips. I have already shown one sunday, here are some more and some dailies. Dilly was written by Mel Casson and drawn by Alfred Andriola under the pseudonym Alfred James. It looks a lot like his 'other' strip Kerry Drake, so I guess he did it all himself. Mel Casson was a cartoonist in his own right, who started with a realitic strip, but in the fifties switched over to a cartoon panel called Angel and tarted writing this charming little strip. Andriola and Casson were presidents of the National Society of Cartoonists together for a while in the fifties. One of their accomplishments was to produce a small pocketbook called Ever Since Adam and Eve, with contributions by most of the members of that Society. I have two copies of that book and would have shown some of those cartoons, if Mike Lynch hadn't beaten me to it. Use the link on the right to visit his laways intersting cartoon blog. The dates given for It's Me Dilly, vary from 1957 to 1960 to 1958 to 1962. My samples range from 1957 to 1959, but I'll try and see if there are any later ones.

Sept 6 1957:

Oct 27 1857:

Nov 24 1957:

Dec 30 1957:

Jan 1 1958:

Jan 2 1958:

Jan 5 1958:

Jan 6 1958:

Jan 7 1958:

Jan 8 1958:

Jan 9 1958:

Jan 10 1958:

April 13 1958:

Oct 5 1958:

Oct 26 1958:

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