Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Must Be Off

Sunday leftover Day.

Last week I promised John Kricfalusi some Wizard of Id. Unfortunately I was not able to scan all the Sundays I wanted to. So here is a temporary lot, an pretty early run from 1966. The strip started in 1964 and a Sunday seems to have been added somewhere in 1965. In the early years the title logo for the Sunday was different every week. I am curious to see what John K. can do with these, as The Wizard more than any strip from the sixties seem to me a perfect example of a strip that was not written by the guy who drew it. Consequently the strip seems to be a great example of 'illustrated sarcasm' instead of cartooning. This is most obvious in the dailies, where there was even less room. The gags were written by Johnny Hart and his crew and it seems they had alot of fun. As a comparison I have added two B.C. Sundays from the same period, which are a lot more lively.

The cartoon is from 1956. Johnny Hart credited Brent Parker with getting him to become a cartoonist. When he started selling cartoons to the Saturday Evening Post, he tried his mentor/pal to get to submit cartoons as well. To help him alon, he wrote gags for him. As Hart tells it, Parker outsold him soon after. Fact is, that I have had a difficult time finding cartoons from this period from either Hart or Parker.

Jan 16 1966:

Oct 17-30 1966:

Oct 25 1964:

Nov 13 1964:

More color samples on Tuesday.

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