Monday, January 12, 2009

Kid strip (l)imitations

Monday Cartoon Day.

Last thursday I showed some samples of It's Me Dilly by Mel Casson and Alfred Andriola. Now seems as good a time as any to show you some more of Mel Casson's work. The recently deceased Casson had a pretty good career. He started out a the artist on the realisticly drawn Jeff Crocket from 1946 to 1952. I guess he went into cartooning after that, but have never seen any of his cartoons from the early fifties. In the mid-fifties he returns with a Dennis the Menace imitation. In fact, on eof the most succesful Dennis the Menace imitations around. Angel ran for thirteen years from 1953 to 1966. It seems he produced a similar panel about a baby called Sparky for at least some of the sixties. In the seventies he came back with a Singles stripcalled Boomers and from 1988 to his death in 2008 he succesuccesfully continued Gordon Bess' Redeye.

Angel even made it into a Dell comic book series. Funny enough when Dennis the Menace was introduced to the Dutch audience through the television series it was scalled Dennis de (B)Engel, sacrifycing the alliteration to a horrible hyphenated pun on the words 'engel' (angel) and 'bengel' (bad kid). They also used the aureola. This punning device has always stayed with me. I was even inspired to use it in in a play I translated in the seventies to use the word (s)extravagant to describe a burlesque show.

Aug 19 1948:

Feb 17 1958:

Feb 18 1958:

Feb 20 1958:

Feb 25 1958:

Feb 26 1958:

Feb 27 1958:

Feb 28 1958:

June 27 1962:

July 27 1963:

May 27 1964:

June 1 1964:

June 2 1964:

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