Monday, January 26, 2009

Almost 75 Years Ago Today

Monday Cartoon Day.

Continuing yesterday's theme of rare Caniff school material, I am giving over todays post to a series of Noel Sickles political cartoons from 1937. In the recent Noel Sickles/Scorchy Smith book it is mentioned that he was 'taken off' the strip in late 1936 and given other assignments to fill out his Associated Press contract. Only two are reprinted in the book, but fortunately I found a paper that ran them in a large size, enabling me to show you a couple more.

Noel Sickles work on Scorchy Smith influenced scores of artists, including his studio mate Milt Caniff. As the sales of Scorchy Smith went up under his guidance, he asked for a raise of his weekly wages. He got one, but not nearly as much as he though he was owed. So he wasn't very sad when he was replaced by his own assistant Bert Christman. Sickles did political cartoons for six months, before taking a two year leave (living off his savings on Scorchy). My selection of cartoons is spotty, because of the way I have used to find them. But you have to take into account that there were no cartoon son Sunday and he was not the only cartoonist working in that period. Even though he did most of the carrtoons, I have also come across cartoons by Morris, Cargill and one very interesting one by an Ian Barrow. Still, there may be more out there from the month I am showing here, januari. Sickles work on Scorchy was influential for a lot of artists, but there is just as much to admire in his cartoons. They are in a style that is no longer in vogue (no jokes, but opinion), but the design and execution is always impressive. There are a few cartoons that have not been aged at all...

Jan 2 1937:

Jan 7 1937:

Jan 8 1937:

Jan 9 1937:

Jan 11 1937:

Jan 19 1937:

Jan 21 1937:

Jan 23 1937:

Jan 27 1937:

Jan 28 1937:

Jan 29 1937:

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