Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Camelot

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

In honor of President Barack Obama I am presenting some more episodes of B.C. Because B.C. embodied the spirit of the early sixties as Barack Obma embodies the spirit of our times. And because it was the only thing I had ready today. Some people may say: "Haven't you shown enough of B.C.? To which I reply: "No." I have many more episodes, both dailies and Sundays. And they bring a smile to me face everytime I look at them. Just like Joe Biden, but in a less hurtful way.

May 27 1964:

June 1 1964

June 2 1964:

June 12 1964:

June 19 1964:

Nov 16 1964:

Date unknown:

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