Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Be Prepared

Wednesday Advertising Day.

While I was looking around for something to post today, I came across an interesting ad among my papers, that I hadn't noticed before. This seriously drawn strip doesn't only imitate a succesful adventure strip, it even seems to have been turned into an actual comic book. I don't recognize the artist and have never read anythng about this strip. Since I only had one sample to scan, I turned to newspaperarchive to see if I could fidnd any more and it turns out to have been a long running series in the Puck Sunday Section (which also featured Blondie, Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim as well as a host of advertising strips, often as many as one per page. The style of the strip sort of reminds me of the work of Carl Pfeufer, who would later take over The Bantam Prince (about which more later). It also has ahint of Tim Tyler's Luck. Maybe some collector can tell e more about it. I don't think the comic book version is mentined in my copy of the comic book guid, but I'll look around if I can get more information on that as well. Looking around the internet, I was lucky enough to find a seller who offered an ad for advertising in Puck, which not only mentions Captain Ben Dix, but also explains more about the strip. The illustration for tha ad is drawn by my favorite (and Peter Pain and Nicky Nestlé illustrator) Jack Betts. He didn't do the strips, though.

The ad confirms my suspicion that Cpt. Ben Dix appeared every other week. It reads as if it is a continuety strip with bits missing, but that is intentional. When it tries to deliver a actual continuity around the time my color scan appears, the strip remains just as hard to read. A great sample of it's genre, though.

Sept 5 1943:

Sept 19 1943:

Oct 3 1943:

Oct 31 1943:

Nov 4 1943:

Nov 28 1943:

Dec 12 1943:

Dec 26 1943:

Jan 9 1944

Jan 23 1944:

Feb 6 1944:

Feb 20 1944:

March 5 1944:

March 19 1944:

April 2 1944:

April 16 1944:

May 7 1944:

May 14 1944:

May 28 1944:

June 11 1944:

June 25 1944:

July 9 1944:

July 23 1944:alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5325025582545234354" />

Aug 6 1944:

Aug 20 1944:

Sept 3 1944:

Sept 17 1944:

Oct 1 1944:

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The author of Capt. Ben Dix was
Erwin M. father.