Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twelve Angry Years

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

John Kricfalusi asked for some more B.C. color Sundays, so here we go. Unfortunately I have nog got many of the first years, just some here and there. So I am tarting with a short blak and white run from 1958, the first year of the strip.

These pages come from a Canadian paper, which appeared on saturdays, so I may have mislabeled some of the dates here or earlier. Also, thye seem to have used some sort of orange instead of read, which is more of a problem on the other features, but still sows up here as well. The coloring of B.C. is quite minimal, as is the art.

In one of his recent posts John Kricfalusi says that he likes the senseless violence of Johnny Hart's early work. I wouldn't call it violence so much as an overall agressiveness, that shows not only in the violence but also in the sarcasm. But he had tender moments as well, as the spring strip shows.

To one of John Kricfalusi's posters who asked if the general blandness of his later work was a result of his having found religion, I would say this: first of all, it is nice that you ask this rather than assume that fact, as most people do. I don't hink he 'found' religion, I think it was always there in his work. He merely accepted God into his life after he had been knocking for quite some time. I myself am not a particulary religious person, so I don't expect to be suddenly converted towards the end of my life. In my experience God only is found by people who are looking.

So why did is later work get so bland. I see two reasons: first of all, I think he got tired. By all accounts he was a hard working and hard living man. Towards the nineties his work got to be less and less physical. Up t a certain point I'd say he just got tired. The tone of the humor changed as well, which seems t ndicate that he wasn't as angry at the world anymore. It's that senseless anger that got turned into some of the best humor of it's time.

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Oct 13 1958:

Oct 14 1958:

Oct 15 1958:

Oct 16 1958:

Oct 17 1958:

Oct 18 1958:

Oct 19 1958:

May 21 1960:

May 28 1960:

July 2 1960:

March 7 1965:

March 14 1965:

March 21 1965:

March 28 1965:

April 18 1965:

Aug 15 1965:

Dec 12 1965:

May 18 1969:

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