Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yabba Dabba Bear

Saturday extra.

My attendance figure spiked today when Mark Evanier linked to my Flintstone scans. I met Mark many years ago in San Diego when I attended a round table discussion about international comics journalism (which included another of my heroes, Ron Goulart) and admire his dedication to his various hobbies. His book on Jack Kirby set a new standard on production values and I eagerly await his official biography of Jack Kirby. But I hope it won't be published for another year or so, so I can try and get my play about Jack Kirby and Stan Lee published before that, so there won't be anyone thinking I stole his ideas.

He has this to say about my post:

The blog of Ger Apeldoorn offers up some nice examples of the Flintstones newspaper strip of the sixties. By way of clarity, it should be noted that while Gene Hazelton was the primary artist and supervisor of this and the Yogi Bear strip, they weren't all drawn by Gene. Just about everyone good who worked at Hanna-Barbera at the time worked from time to time on them, including Pete Alvarado, Willie Ito, Bob Singer and Harvey Eisenberg. Several of the samples Ger offers were drawn by Eisenberg. Also, for much of their runs, both strips were lettered and inked by Lee Hooper.

I thank him for the information. Since putting up these strips I have read interviews wth Dick Moores and Roger Armstrong in the excellent Walt's People series of books, which I will talk about when I get back from my holiday) and found te same information (plus the fact that Richard Bickenback probably was involved as well). It is hard to identify different artists, but there are differences. Look this first Yogi Bear Sunday from a couple of months before that. It looks as if it is done by a completely different artist than later, when the Flinstones were added.

Feb 3 1961 Announcement:

Feb 4 1961 Announcement:

Feb 5 1961 first Sunday:

Sunday for March 5 1961 (bad quality, but good sample of the 'later' style):


p spector said...

Hey, you know I have about 5 Flintstone strips of that era, in a folder, that my father tore out of the LA Times. Next to them are some of his hand drawn comic strip ideas. The ideas don't match the strips, but at least one of the hand drawn gags is a direct gag from Coogy. Now, I'm beginning to wonder...

Ger Apeldoorn said...


Good to hear from you. I follow your blog and love all the Coogies there. Keep coming back, because I have a run of three Cobean ads waiting to be put up (one of them a color scan) you might like.

Maybe he was submitting gags or thinking of submittng them? In that case, he could reuse his old gags. Could you get me the dates so I can see if I have the same? I have long run of a major Chicago paper that had this strip often in three tiers as well.

Secondly, is it wise to keep signing P. Spector these days?

p spector said...

Ger, I'm at your blog regularly, I just don't post comments because I've nothing of value to add.

I'll have to dig for the Flintstone strips and will let you know; thet are just one-tier dailies. Will send you scans.

Will look forward to the Cobeans.

Re "p spector": You mean that I might be confused with Phil? Even bad publicity is still better than no publicity. On the upside, at least he'll be in a place where he'll have good access to drugs!

rodineisilveira said...

The two promotional illustrations from the Yogi Bear comic strip were drawn by Gene Hazelton.