Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pop, crack and sizzle

Wednesday advertising day.

Fireball Twigg is one of the most satisfying ad strips from the late forties ran across. I showed a couple of scattered one at the start of this blog, but since I was getting more and more, I decided to try and find a whole run.

Fireball Twigg ran from late februari to somewhere in october 1849. I don't know who drew the series. It is done in the style of Blondie, but I don't think he actually drew it himself. It could be the work of his assistant at the time, Paul Fung Jr., who went on to draw the strip through most of the fifties until he was allowed to sign it in the early sixties. But there are points in the srip where it seems to be done by somene else. A different, even more competent style shines through. Still, I don't think an imitation such as this would have run for such a long time without the knowledge or cooperation of Young (and more impportantly, King Features).

I have pulled a complete run from newspaperarchive, which menas some of the scans are in poor condition. Whenever I have a color samle, I wil scan it in myself and ad it. This allows me to come back later ad replace black and white scans when I find a ew sample. I am starting with the first weeks, from februari right through April.

On May 23 I found and added an earlier one, which may be a better candidate to be the first.

Feb 22 1948:

Feb 29 1948:

March 7 1948:

March 14 1948:

March 21 1948:

March 28 1948:

April 4 1948:

April 11 1948:

April 18 1948:

April 25 1948:


Alex van Koten said...

Jim Raymond ,zou die het misschien kunnen hebben getekend ?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Ik vind het eerlijk gezegd iets teveel swingen voor een assistent van Young.