Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stone Age Confusion

Tuesday extra post.

Some more Flintstones which I may have misdated. The sundays in 1961 were from Nov 15 and Nov 22. I even showed the Nov 15 one and was another one than this. The Sundays from 1962 would be Nov 14 and Nov 21. Still, these are clearly marked Nov 18 and 25 and they dont look like they are from 1967. Is there something wrong with my math?

Nov 18 1962:

Nov 25 1962:

This post was created when I saw that some people have come here from Kevin Knowlan's site for the third time in a couple of weeks. Kevin has added my blog to his links. I am honored to think that such a wonderful artist would visit my site, although I can't help but wonder what it is he was looking for. For Kevin and any of you: if you have any wishes for a certain type of material, please ask.

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rodineisilveira said...

These two Flintstones Sunday pages from 1962 were drawn by Dick "Bick" Bickenbach.