Sunday, May 24, 2009


Sunday Story Day.

I have no more serial illustration work in my files, so I decided to give you something else to read today. Here is Alfred Andriola's last month of Charle Chan. When this strip ended he took over the adventure strip Dan Dunn, when the original artist Norman Marsh decided to enlist in the army. He took the assignment on the promise he would be allowed to create his own adventure strip with writer Alan Saunders. The four months of Da Dun have been rerpinted by Comic Classics. I will try and order some of their stuff ( to see if I can recommend them.

But here is the last month of Charlie Chan. Near the end, there is one strip missing and I did someting wrong uploading the last strip, but if you click on it, the scan will be okay.

May 1 to 26 1942:

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