Friday, June 26, 2009

Just Once More

Saturday Leftover Day.

Two more horror stories by Hank Chapman, showing his more internal approach to horror, followed by two short stories by Paul Reinman, who really was at the peak of his game in this period of his career. The artist of the first story is unknown, but it vageuly reminds me of the work of Fletcher Hanks (which makes it posible that it is by any artist working in the Chicago school of stiff figures and thin lines). The second story is by Ogden Whitney, who would later turn out one bland story after another for ACG, but here at Timely really showed his best.

The first Reinman story is the older of the two. The second looks as if it could have been inked by George Roussos, but I tink it is just Reinman showing his facility with a brush. The differene betwee thee two stories is only a year, but it shows how much he grew as an artist in what seems to have been 1951.

From Adventures Into Terror #3:

From Adventures Into Terror #9:

From Mystic #3:

From Mystery Tales #1:

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