Sunday, June 28, 2009

Underwater Message

Sunday Quick Fix.

Scans of early DC comics have been flying around the intrenet fo years. I now have a nice set of scans from DC's Adventure comics, featuring Mort Meskin's Johnny Quick. As I have been showing ome of Meskin's best work from the fifties, I thought some of his reputationmaking stuff from the forties as well. I could start with an earlier story, but I chose to start here, with Adventure #103, the issu the line-up of the book changed to include Superboy. This will make us come to Meskin's later work sooner, some of which look just as gorgeous as the stuff he did with Jerry Robinson. The quality of these scans is not what I would settle for myself, but at leat this means that I would gladly buy a book of these issues as soon as DC brought it out.

Jhnny Quick from Adventure Comics #103:

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