Monday, June 08, 2009

Real Gahan, Man

Monday Cartoon Day.

Over the years there have been several cartoonists who produced a Sunday page made of a lot of different cartoons. The most well-known example may be George Lichty's Grin and Bear it, but there were more. In the seventies Amrica's weirdest cartoonist Gahan Wilsn joined them with a Sunday only feature. It didn't run for a long time, probably because Wilson couldn't use his weirdest jokes for this family-friendly panel. Gahan went on to do more gags for Playboy and other big time magazines. Because recently it was announced that Fantagraphics is going to publish a complete collection of his Playboy cartoons, here are some of the Sunday pages.

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Unknown said...

Gahan Wilson for years contributed to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Those type of cartoons found their way into his Sunday page by way of a regular panel feature subtitled "Future Funnies". He also had another subtitled panel in his Sunday page called "The Creep", a kind of really strange version of The Shadow.
Got any Sundays with those?