Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Case Of The Forgotten Illustrator

Sunday Illustration Day.

Stan Drake and Gil Fox weren't the only ones doing illustrations for King Features' Sunday Weekly. I the late fifties, prime Alex Raymond imitator (though some might take issue witht that epithath) Lou Fine (who probably also drew some of those wonderful Sam Spade ads I have been showing) did a couple of illustrations for a real crime feature written by Ellery Queen (or at least under taht name).

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Urgh. Calling Lou Fine a “prime Alex Raymond imitator” at best invites misunderstanding.

Fine was a brilliant artist, capable of working in many styles, and is far from forgotten by comic book collectors, and greatly admired by a great many comic book artists across generations.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Prime Alex Raymond imitator is shorthand for 'the first to follow Raymond from his fantasy style into his photorealistic style' - which is important to mention in these days, when he seems to be eclipsed in the memory of many by Stan Drake and others. But you are right, he is much more than that. I will show a good run of Adam Ames, as soon as I have it. So keep coming around. But... like many on this blog, he is also someone who squandered his talent.