Sunday, June 07, 2009

No More Secrets

Sunday Extra Post.

For some time I have been using thusdays to how you a particulary long run of Secret Agent X-9 by Mel Graff from 1941. It was easy to do, because I had found a paper running a week's worth every wednesday, which made for a lot less downloading and copying. But unfortunately the run of that paper for october and novenber of 1941 is missing for 1941. After that it picks up and I even checked which months are available and which are not, but Secret Agent X-9 is still running wwekly in 1943. Still, I have no intention for now to go and continue that run, but I would like to have had a chance to close out the story. Here is what I could find for the days following my last post (use the tag). Fom next tuesday I will continue my equally long run of Ray Bailey's Tom Corbett from 1951 into 1952. Like Secret Agent it is done in a variation of the Caniff/Sickles style.

Sept 29 2941:

Sept 30 1941:

Oct 1 1941:

Oct 2 1941:

Oct 3 1941:

Oct 6 1941:

Oct 7 1941:

Oct 9 1941:

Oct 10 1941:

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