Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'd Walk A Mile For A Pal

Wednesday Advertising Day.

In the sixties comic and cartoon ads had largely disappeared fom the newspapers. But every once in a wile a famous cartoonist was still used to do a short campaign. Here is a series by Playboy cartoonist Dedine. It was based on a book he did with Donald Sauers. I wold love to do an episode of Mad Men about Harvey Kurtzman not getting any assignments because he is yesterdays news and someone like Dedine getting in, because he is in Playboy.


Leif Peng said...

Wonderful, Ger! I have never seen this series of Pall Mall ads... I must add a link to your post to my recent post on 1950's Pall Mall ads.

Thanks for sharing these with us :^)

Ramón Pérez said...

gorgeous. it makes me yearn for yesterday :)

Matt J said...