Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not Just Any Bimbo

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Today more of one of my favorite strips in the 'modern' style of the late fifties and early sixties... Howie Schneider's P. T. Bimbo. Maybe the best strip in it's genre. And why it wasn't huge success, I don't know. The subject may have been to offputting, the characters too negative or the style too dated for that period (which also saw the rise of Doonesbury, so maybe the lack of social commitment was a factor).

April 5 1975:

April 7 1975:

April 10 1975:

April 11 1975:

April 16 1975:

April 17 1975:

April 18 1975:

April 19 1975:

Dec 2 1977:

Oct 9 1977:

Dec 4 1977:

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