Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Smoke Gets In Your paper

Wednesday Advertising Day.

One of the most consistant of all comic strip using companies was Camels. They did various series of comic strip ads all through the forties and fifties, before switching to those much hipper photo ads in the sixties.It may have seemed they were aiming at kids witht their comic strip ads, but in hindsight it was more of a reflection of the perception from the froties and fifties that newspaper strips weren't for kids alone, or even primarily.

Dec 1943:

Dec 1944:

Jan 1946:

Date unknow, possiby 1947:

Date unknown 1947:

May 1947:

Aug 1947:

Jn 1948:

May 1948:

Sept 12 1948:

Sept 26 1948:

Jan 1950:

July 1953:

Oct 1953:

Jan 1954:

Feb 1954:

Jan 1956:

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