Thursday, November 05, 2009

Inky Meskin

Friday Comic Book Day.

I recently came across these two Mort Meskin stories from Avon's Witchcraft #4 that I had never seen before. Maybe you haven't either. The first story is writen up as being inked by George Roussos, which seems fully possible to me, seeing the face of the man in the fifthe panel of the fifth page. But it also has som eof that double stroke ink lines Hary Mendrick identified as being a sign of Meskin inking himself. The second story has those same double strokes and none of the characteristics of Roussos' inking, so it could be inked by Meskin as well. Maybe a little extra job he did for the money. He didn't appear in any of the other issues of Witchcraft.


Bob Lilly said...

Wasn't Meskin a great storyteller! Thanks for the post. Meskin stories rarely get reprinted by the mainstream publishers.
I look at your blog from time to time and now realize that leaving comments can be my applause. Your fine blog is appreciated.
Come visit.

Smurfswacker said...

Methinks Roussos was involved in the first story. The first page seems much more Roussosian that Meskinite. My guess is this is one of those teamwork stories, for each artist's quirks come and go, often on the same page.

Allow me to add my thanks to the others who've applauded your posting Meskin stories.

None said...

Both look like Roussos inking to me. Particularly the second story with the frequent use of from below lighting of faces that Roussos favored so much.