Saturday, November 07, 2009

Wizzing Right Along

Saturday Leftover Day.

I have still not found the right gadget to get some sort of kickback from the links I provide for books on Amazon, but I have added another one today but a book yet to be published. I just found it, when I was looking for B.C. Sundays by the current team. In a couple of weeks Titan books will be publishing a 'best off' book about The Wizard of Id. It looks quite similar to the B.C. book Checker did lst year. Checker seems not to have had the succes they wanted with their comic strip reprint books. The Beetle Bailey series they reprinted from the Scandinavian version has been stuck at one volume and there also seems to be no movement on the B.C. from even though a second book was announced. The new go to publisher on this front seems to be Titan, who have lready moved into reprinting classic stuff with their remarkable Simon and Kirby series and the first book in a complete Hagar reprint. At least they seem to be able to generate more publicity and get their books into bookstores as well as comic book outlets. These kind of books belong in normal book stores, even if the publication form is in the more comic book collector form of a complete series. To me, this form represent the best of both worlds. Casual readers get their gags and geeks like me can't afford to miss it. Unfortunately, I completely missed the Wizard book when it was advertised in the Diamond catalogue. If it was advertised in the Diamond catalogue. Let's hope it doesn't slip between the cracks.

Correction, I tried to add this book to the Amazon link, but I don't know how to do that. I really need to try and find out more about it.

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Go to to read about Amazon's affiliation programme.

Allan Holtz said...

Hey Ger --
I did the Amazon affiliate thing on my blog. It was a royal pain to set up, made my site load slowly sometimes, and after a month of featuring it on the sidebar I had zero sales credited to me. Gave it the ol' heave-ho. Hope you have a better experience!