Saturday, November 14, 2009

King Kent

Saturday Leftover Day.

Today I did my orders from the October, November and December Previews catalogues, which I had nor been able to do when I was in hospotal. I was struck by the amount of great books IDW is adding to it's catalogue. Not only am I eagerly awaiting their Rip Kirby book, but they have now added a reprint of Bringing Up Father from the forties (the graphicly most interesting years whoch would we would have to wait for for decades if they had started reprinting from the strips start in the twenties), Bill Keane's family circus (which most people remember as a pretty dull strip, but Keane was a very good and funny cartoonist, so I am looking forward to the first years of this famiy perannial) and lo and behold, they are going to do Jack Kent's delightfully whimsical King Aroo. The first book will contain Sundays and daileis from the first two years. This means I can now unload all the spotty samples I have from those years. If you order the book, you will be able to read the stories of this Pogo-like, but much more gentle strip... and in better quality than these micro-fiche copies. I have also added a scan of one of my many later samples of this strip.

July 17 1951:

Jan 16 1952:

Jan 22 1962:

Feb 9 1952:

Feb 16 1952:

Feb 23 1952:

Feb 25 1952:

Feb 26 1952:

Feb 27 1952:

Feb 28 1952:

Feb 29 1952:

March 2 1952:

March 4 1952:

March 9 1952:

April 5 1952:

April 12 1952:

april 19 1952:

May 1 1952:

Feb 27 1955:

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Unknown said...

I wasn't a huge fan of Family Circus but the earliest stuff is great, more of a classic cartoon flavor than Keane's later work on the strip which I was brought up on. I look forward to picking up the first volume myself! Ditto for King Aroo, long overdue for collecting....Larry