Saturday, November 21, 2009

Situation NOrmal, All Funned Up

Friday Comic Book Day.

I have written before about Joe Maneely, the magnificent artist that worked for Stan Lee in the fifties on just about every genre and would have gone on to be one of the rgeats if he hadn't died in a subway mishap in 1957. As said, Maneely could imitate every stule he wanted (with or without his own style coming through). For the three issues of Stan Lee's Mad magazine imitation Snafu, he didn't just illustrate about half the article in every issue, he also did a series of spoofs of current magazine cartoonists for Lee's fake cartoon pages (whoch seems to have been an easy way for him to fill two pages with easy jokes). At the end of his career Maneely did some more satore work for magazines such as Cracked. He also did a lot of 'kiddy comics' in a similary simple cartoony style. I am firmly convinced that Maneely would have gone on to be a carttonist if he had had the opportunity.

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That gag names are worth the trip!