Thursday, December 10, 2009

In Space There's No Up

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Another month of Warren Tufts Lone Spaceman. I may go on after this.


cartoonretro said...

Very nice find, I was not aware of this strip. Nice character designs, although I wish the girl was as stylized as the other characters. She kind of looks like she wandered in from another strip.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yes, the same goes for the girl in the first storyline. As he concieved of this as an in between project while he was finishing his research for Lance, I am curious how he will end it. I am downloasing an reading it only just ahead of you. I did know Tufts did do humorous work. He did a couple of satirical stories for Cartoons in the early sixties, one of which I will share, along with some more stuff from that bio magazine he did.

Frank M. Young said...

Warren Tufts also did cartoon comic books for Gold Key in the '70s. I know he did some PINK PANTHER comics. Haven't seen 'em, but I'd imagine they're a sight better than the typical Gold Key swill of the era.

Thanks for posting these strips! Please continue... they're fascinatin'!