Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Shine A Light

Wednesday Advertising Day.

I wish I could show you every newspaper strip ad I have. And I will, in time. But for now, I have a series of Eveready ads by Greig Flessel from Newspaperarchive plus one I scanned myself. I have writtn about this (probably two-weekly) series before. They always seemed to lean towards the sensational men's magazine type of stories, but in the early fifties they seem to have followed the trend of the time and done more 'horror' type stories. The last one from 1958 is suitably bland. I have also added an Eveready ad from a comic book from the mid forties. It seems the series hadn't started by then, but the idea is similar.

March 16 1948:

Oct 8 1950:

March 4 1951:

March 25 1951:

April 15 1951:

May 6 1951:

Dec 2 1951;

Sept 21 1952:

Oct 12 1952:

Jan 10 1954:

Sept 9 1955:

Feb 16 1959:

April 20 1958:

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