Monday, December 07, 2009

Beeva Shot

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Looking for some more earlier samples of This Funny World, I came across a ver odd looking Mickey Mouse story by Floyd Gottfredson. I have heard many people rave abot Gottfredson's Mouse, but I am not very familiar with it. Some stories were adapted to comic book fomat and ran in the Dutch Disnet weekly Donald Duck, but I was never a great fan of those, mostly because of the way they were cut up. Now that I have seen this one, I understand why. These daily continuities have a very odd rythm. The story is told in a joke a day, which makes every day jumo just a little bit ahead. If they are cut into a sequence that doesn't respect the daily strip as a single unit, the reader is asked to make a jumo every three or four panels. Reading them this way makes it all a lot more logical. With all the reprint books coming out these days, I'd say a three tiers a page reprint of Gottfredson's most uknown work from the forties would be in order. Still, if you have to wait for the Disney Company to do it...

This story features Eega Beeva, a character invented by Gottfredson and writer Bill Walsh. Eeega Beeva is suposed to be a super evolved human being from the future and he was Mickey's pall and co-star for three years, until he was suddenly removed in 1950. Maybe someone upstairs finally read what the strip people were doing. In this story, which is called Be-junior and the Aints in all the Mouse lists and which is probably one of the longest sequences in the series, running from March 1949 until August, Eega Beeva builds a rocket ship and takes Mickey to the stars. I may ru the full length of this story here finally, at least until the weird aliens start appearing. For now, enjoy the art (and the story isn't to bad either). Gottfredson must be one of the few artists know who can make a character who is doing nothing seem like he is moving.

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Don Cox said...

Great to see some Eega Beeva material posted. There is just about nothing from this series around.

More please.