Monday, December 07, 2009

Funny Is As Funny Does

Monday Cartoon Day.

This Funny World was a dailies series of cartoons that had been published in the important magazines, which ran from the late forties at least into the sixties. As such it gives a good view of the state of cartooning of it's date. These samples are from the late fifties, in itself not the best period. The big foor cartoonists of the fortis had run their course. Most of the really good cartonists had migrated to the newspaper strips. As Mort Walker said when he found out what he got each year when he was named most succesful cartoonist: "If that is the most I can earn, I have got to find a way to make a better living." The new breed of bolder and more modern cartoonists had not yet cme to the foreground yet and the best of them (such as Gaham Wilson) never got to a level where they would be suited for a newspaper audience. Still among the ones represented in januari 1957, we can find later newspaper strip artists Brad Anderson (Marmaduke), Mr. Abernathy's Frank Ridgeway and Bill Yates (who had been editor of Dell's 1000 Jokes all through the fifties and may well have been the editor behind This Funny World as well).

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