Monday, December 07, 2009

Off His Trolley

Sunday Quick Fix.

I don't really know why I like these old Mort Meskin strips so much. They are decidedly oldfashioned, but still they have quality that makes them esciting even today. Of course, the many uses of the duplicate Johnny Quicks to indicate speed are a lot of fun, but I think what fascinates me most are the angles. Almost every shot is an upshot or a downshot. The figures aren't exaggerated in such a way to suggest a special 'lens' on the 'camera', as they often are today, but the shots are more varied than many shots are today (in comics as well as in television or movies). I especially like the 'over the shoulder' shots with the police man and the shot with five onlookers on page seven.

1 comment: said...

“Next day”?!? The whole justice system must have used Johnny's Magic Formula!