Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clearing Out The Old Paper

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I finally have my new scanner, so now I can show you all the terrific new stuff I have bought in the last half year or so. Unfortunately, I am going away on my honeymoon tomorrow, so I had to try and get Blogger to take scheduled posts. This didn't work out as well as I would have liked, so I have chosen the next best opion. I have saved a couple of posts as drafts and will 'activate' them from my holiday adress in Florida as often as I can.

So there is little time for new essays, as I am concentrating on quanity rather than quality here. This means more of the same, but at least it's from a period when the same was pretty damn good every week. Just look at those last B.C.'s. When was the last time you saw Johnny Hart do an ant gag without using it as a way to do less drawing?

July 5 1959:

Oct. 4 1959:

Oct. 11 1959:

Oct. 18 1959:

Dec. 13 1959:

These last thre are from the Canadian Winnipeg Sunday. They had the unfortunate habit of recoloring their Sundays and not always in the most attactive palette.

Oct. 16 1960:

Oct. 22 1960:

Oct. 30 1960:

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cartoonretro said...

Thanks for these beautiful and rare strips! Enjoy the honeymoon.