Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day For Night

Sunday Leftover Extra.

In the past, I have shown a couple of rarities from the great artist Noel Sickles. Today, while looking at illustrations by comic book artists for army newspapers and manuals, I ran cross these illustrations I believe are done by Sickles as well. They certainly are in his style and om some of them you can barely see a scribbled signature that looks like Sickles'.

These rare illustrations are all the more interesting, since they show Sickles doing what he does best: indicating the difference between day and night with his remarkable facillity in creating chiascuro shadows. The illustrations come from army manual FM 21-45: Protective measures,individuals and small units,March 10, 1942, which can be found here:


Alex said...

There was a one-panel comic, "The Ribbers" by Bill Sakren and Noel Sickles, for an ad campaign for Ten High Bourbon. These ads ran in LIFE magazine, and may have appeared in other weeklies such as Colliers, Look and Saturday Evening Post. The links below will take you to the particular issue and then you enter the page number in the box to the right of the "Contents".

Alex Jay

April 14 1941
p102: Bill Sakren

June 9 1941
p141: Noel Sickles

June 30 1941
p105: Noel Sickles

August 11 1941
p37: Noel Sickles

August 25 1941
p39: Noel Sickles

Sickles also did a number of wartime illustrations for LIFE.

October 6 1941
p10-11: Noel Sickles; "The March of Time", radio broadcast ad for Time magazine

March 2 1942
p19: Noel Sickles; Japanese tank attack in Southern California

June 29 1942
p10-11, 13: Noel Sickles; "Speaking of Pictures...Army and Life combine to publish field manual"

October 26 1942
p42: Noel Sickles; "Four cruisers sunk in early Solomons attack", Sickles' illustration of capsizing cruiser

December 14 1942
p83-88, 90: Noel Sickles; "Enemy tanks are vulnerable"

January 25 1943
p1: Sid Hix; Philco Corporation ad
p22-23, 96: Noel Sickles; "Pacific Mission", illustrations of airmen in rafts

June 11 1945
p54-55: Noel Sickles; "The Jap Navy", illustration of remains of Japanese naval fleet

November 19 1945
p30-31, 34-35: Noel Sickles; "The 36-Hour War"

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I had a look at them and I can recommend them. Too bad Google won't let me copy these pages. They have much more at their newspaper site, such as Sunday pages from Willy Lumpkin (in 1960/61) and Howdy Doody (1950/52) I would love to have here.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I had another look and saw that one of those links refers to this same manual with more and sharoer pictures...!