Sunday, January 31, 2010

Color Me Quick

Sunday Quick Fix.

I wish all my Johnny Quick scans were as clear as last week's. Still, if you look through the muddy images, you'll see Meskin still growing as an artist. John Quick was like a television version of the big screen hero Flash. But in Meskin's han's he is stll exciting. To make up for the poor scan, I have added an early DC story by Meskin from House of Mystery #52 in 1956. It has been reported to me that Meskin sometimes had a bit of trouble facing the blank page and had to work from lay-outs provided by others. Harry Mendrick also noted that there was a period in the midfifties he did less work for Prize and more for other companies. This story might fall in that period and is looks sufficiantly un-Meskin-like for me to suggest he may have been suffering from another anxiety period and someone may have helped him with this one.


Jeff Overturf said...

Do you have a Johnny Quick scan wish-list?

I've got fair scans of Adventure Comics 109, 128, 148, 150, 154, 167, 179, 202 and 204 if you're interested.

I may have more, but I'm just now undertaking the massive chore of organizing my scans.

thena3 said...

recently read the dc trade paperback collection of the house of mystery. great stuff and brings back memories