Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Slick Of It

Friday Comic Book Day.

Last Sunday, I showed a Mort Meskin story from 1956 that looked quite different from his other work at that time and I asked the question if he might have been helped by someone else on it. Today I have another story from the same year, that seems much more like his own style, while still not as loose or even rushed as his work for Prize. So maybe the other story was his too and was he only trying to find a style slick enough for his demanding bosses at DC.

But while it is slicker than his usual work around that time, it is still as adventureous as his other work. Most DC artists kept to a rigoreous six panels a page grid, but Meskin adepts the panel size to the story needs through the whole story. I particulary like the wide shots on the second to last page. Nowadays they are all the rage, but Mesking knew how to use them as well.

This is from Star Spangled War Stories #49.

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Steven Brower said...

During the first year of his return to DC Mort had George Roussos create layouts for him. He was still struggling with blank pages. This may account for the unusual look of this and the other stories from 1956.