Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Blog Has Been Mortified

Sunday Leftover Day.

A couple of days ago I posted a couple of Mort Drucker DC pages and I mentioned that he had done some filler work for DC at the start of his career. yesterday, when I was loking at a couple of old House of Mystery comics I might be selling soon, I came across one of them, oddly enough a lot later in Mort Drucker's career than I would have expected them. I asked GCD member and Mort Drucker fan Bob about it and he confirmed that he had read somewhere that Drucker had indeed done some filler work early in his career for Julius Schwartz, probably even in some sort of inhouse function. Around that time he also did a few stories for them, which were inked by others and may be unrecognizable because of that. Later, after he had done work for Stan Lee, he rejoied DC, this time working for Bob Khaniger's war titles. Khaniger was nor a pleasant man by any account and Drucker comlained that at some point he walked away and said he would never work for DC again if it meant working with Khaniger. If that is true (he may have thought it rather than said it), it wasn't until he had drawn many, mnay stories for them. Anyway, Bob confirmed that this one pager looks like Drucker's early work, when he was still influenced by Joe Kubert. It may have been a reprint, or a single page still ying around after all these years. I will keep looking for these pages, since they don't seem to be noted by the GCD and there may be more about than previously thought. And oh yeah... I like them.


Smurfswacker said...

About Drucker and Kanigher: I remember a letter-column reply Kanigher wrote back when I was in school...don't recall what year. DC had been reprinting some of Drucker's "Mme. Marie" stories and a fan wrote saying how great they were. In his response Kanigher expressed regret that he'd let Drucker get away and almost apologized for how he treated the guy. I can't remember Kanigher's actual words, but at the time I was amazed that such a personal revelation appeared in a comic book lettercol. Anyone else remember this?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

That would fit with the observation I have read somewhere that Khaniger only respected people who stoot up to him.

Ger Apeldoorn said...