Monday, January 25, 2010

Silent Wonders

Monday Cartoon Day.

So let's call Tall Tales a cartoon. I am dying (only figuratively, because today I was told by my surgeon I was defenitively cured of my recent operation and won't have to return for check-ups) to show you the scans I made with my new scanner of Al Fafee's Sunday masterpiece... all with topper strips. Hurray.

From July 6 1959:

From Oct 4 1959:

From Oct 11 1959:

From Oct 18 1959:

From Dec 13 1959:

From Oct 1 1961:


Lysdexicuss said...

Jaffee is wonderful; thanx for reminding me ! Love the new header.

Alex said...

Jaffee is really a wonderful cartoonist!!!!
I bought Tall Tales. Amazing book!!

This blog is one of my favorites, I'm always passing by.

Thanks Ger.