Thursday, February 25, 2010

Comic Books Gone Wild

Friday Comic Book Day

Today a couple of comic book stories from artists that were featured in my blog this week. First a story by Leonard Starr from Taes of the Unexpected #4. According to the Grand Comicbook Database, there was a Starr story in #2 as well, but this one look more easily recognizable to me. The line-up of those early Unexpected comics was quite good ad I will be showing soem mre tomorrow.

Secondly, here is a story by George Tuska from the same period he started working on the Scorchy Smith strip I showed here this week. The story is so-so, but artisicly this recently deceased artist was at the peak of his abillities here.

From Wild Western #32:

While loking for these stories, I came across a later unsigned page in Unexpected #118 by Tuska. What a journey that man made in his career.

As a bonus, I have another of those Timely stories that were draw by Al Gordon and seem to have been inked by Joe Kubert. After leaving St. John and before finding permanent emplymnt at DC, Joe Kubert did a few jobs for Stan Lee. The first few of those were inking artist Al Gordon. Gordon was an older artist, about whom I know very little. Kubert all but obliterated him on some stories, while leavind him his own style on others. First I wondered of Kubert couldn't have been a pupil of friend of Kubert, who was helped along in a difficult time. But recently I read that Kubert doesn't doesn't remember working with his co-artst of the second run of stories for Stan Lee. For those stories the responsibillities were switched. Kubert did the pencilling and Sam Moskowitz did the inking. Moskowitz is an artist who like Gordon disappeared after turning up a few times in the late fifties. If Kubert didn't work with Moscowitz (or Gordon for that matter) it is more logocal to assume that he was assigned these jobs by Stan Lee, who must have found that Gordon could use a good inker in the first case and Moskowitz couldn't hurt Kubert in the second.

From Wild Western #34:

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