Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mr. Smith Goes To Space

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Here's the second month of George Tuska's five year run on Scorchy Smith. I didn't get a lot of response or even traffic on last week's first installment, but I am actually quite proud to be able to show you such a substantial run of such a well drawn strip in this condition. I don't know who wrote this thing, but if anyone has an idea, please share it with us all. I also don't know if there was a Sunday pag at this point. As I said, I have four Sundays from A.C. Hollingsworth version of the strip a year earlier, but it wouldn't surprise me if that Sunday had bee cancelled by the time Tuska came aboard. If there was one, it makes all the comic book work he was still doing at that point all the more impressive.


Smurfswacker said...

Thanks for posting these Scorchy strips. Other than a couple of originals on ebay, they're all I've seen of Tuska's work on the strip.

Impressive work, too. Tuska was really putting all he had into this job. He was designing many more "realistic" characters, using interesting lighting effects, etc. It's some of the best strip work I've seen him do; I like it even better than the Buck Rogers stuff.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I agree that this is one of the most looked over strips of it's time. Justafiably so, because the stories aren't very good. But now that a collection has been made of Jerry Robinson's strip, I'd say this one is just as deserving. In Robinson's case the stories are only slightly better and personally I don't think Robinson did his best work on Jet Scott. That would have to be the stories he did for Stan Lee in the fifties. Still, I don't thnk anyone would reprint this strip while huge chunks of the earlier scorchy by Robbins is still unreprinted as well. So I guess you'll only be seeing it here.