Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Make Me a Starr

Wednesday Advertising Day.

The good folks at classic comics press who bring you all those great reprint books of the great soap strips of the fifties, such as the Mary Perkins series, the Juliet Jones series and the Dondi series told me they are going to send by Mary Perkins artist Leonard Starr to have a look at all my Tom Scheuer material. If he does, I hope he leaves a not and I hope he sees this post as well. It is some of the ads I found that at one point I thought might have been by his hand. I am pretty sure about the Pepsi Cola ads, but the GE ads are a lot less certain. Upon looking at them just now, I can see they are probably not by one artist and in one of the 1950 ones I eem to recognize Stan Drake's hand rather than Leonard Starr. They are pretty well done, though and there weren't that many artist capable of this sort of work.

I am also including two new scans of two film ads I have shown earlier, from the RKO series of comic strip film ads in the late forties. I don't think Leonard Starr was involved in these two, but if you follow the link I think he may have done the Cary Grant one there. And while we are at it, anyone knows who had the Woodbury account?

May 7 1950:

May 28 1950:

Dec 8 1947

Jan 12 1947:

March 2 1947:

March 30 1947:

Jan 29 1950:

Dec 10 1950:

Jan 21 1951:

March 16 1947:

Dec 23 1947:

March 2 1947:

April 6 1947:

May 21 1950:

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