Friday, February 12, 2010

Pass The Rogers

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Ths ends the first adventure of George Tuska's Buck Rogers. It has always surprised me that most of the early years of this strip is reprinted many times, when the really great years by Tuska and even Murphy Anderson are seens as a footnote. To me this is a clear case of second hand nostalgism, where collectors have been forced to accept the nostalgic notions of a previous generation. The fate of many great strips of the fifties, to be honest. I hope this post helps bring these forgotten gems to the attention of newer generations with a fresh eye.

I haven't yet decided if I should continue these adventures from here. I still have the scans Alex Lane provided for many ore years, but I think I will first show you a run of George Tuska's previous strip. His incarnation of Scorchy Smith, which started in 1955. No Snday pages there, but the dailies are as good or even better than these.


tom said...

Hermes Press plans to reprint the entire Buck Rogers run - so hopefully that will happen. I prefer strips from the 50s-70s to those of the 30s and 40s.

Smurfswacker said...

Thanks for reprinting this story. I realized it was the first Buck Rogers story I read as a kid in the Philippines...more memories came back the further I read. Great art (though the ship they use to get to Uras looks like it was welded together in the back yard).

Definitely Buck Rogers is a strip that improved over the years. That 1920s Calkins stuff--ugh!

jhegenbe said...

Scorchy Smith YES!

Buzz said...

Great stuff! Love it!