Friday, February 12, 2010

Shiver Me Timely

Friday Comic book Day.

Continuing my look at a great mid fifties Timely horror book.

Bob Forgione met Jerry Robinson when he was in his evening class at the New York School of Art. He later went on to work as an assistant to Robinson when he became a succsful newspaper cartoonist. . In between Forgione did jobs for DC (often with Jack Abel) and Timely. In his earliest work I see a huge influence of Robinson's style.

Roy Thomas wrote to me that Shelly Moldoff was in and out of hospital recently. I hope he is doing well. When he worked for Stan Lee in the fifties, he often signed his work 'Shelly'.

Mort Lawrence did some of the most beautiful splash pages of all Timely artists. He was a stylist on par with Graham Ingles in my opinion. He's just far less well remembered.

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