Saturday, February 06, 2010

Those Who Are About To Go Blub Salute You

Sarturday Leftover Day.

After bringing out books devoted to The Haunted Tank, Sgt. Rock and The Land That Time Forgot DC seems to have sowed down their efforts to bringt the war stories to the Showcase reprint series. They seem to be hampered by the fact that they have chosen for a 'series' reprint format rather than an artist based approach. Becaue where would you place a story such as this from Star Spangled War Stories #72, other than in a Marveleous Russ Heath Work volume?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great Russ Heath story - but you're missing pgs 6 and 9. Please?

By the way, I agree that reprint volumes should be produced by artist, not by title.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Thank, Steven. I dug them out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't even realize there was a pg 12 missing as well. Thanks!

Man, that's a great shot on pg. 6.