Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Americana, the Beautiful

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Now here's an oddity, even for me. Pat Guinan's Going to Town was a two-weekly feature based on Guinan's Window Shopping column in House Beautiful Magazine. Like the 'new products' segments in daytime television talkshows, these were no more than adverts for all sorts of different products and they were even illustrated by Johnstone and Cushings crew. Or at least, I think so. It may have been a regular assignment by one artist, but I get the feeling they used everyone they could get. The earliest sample I have seen is from 1947, so it went on for quite some time. I resisted scanning them in, but the spot illustrations are quite good so I thought I'd sahre at least a couple of them with you.

May 28 1947:

May 27 1951:

May 4 1952:

May 18 1952:

June 29 1952:

July 13 1952:

Dec 28 1952:

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