Monday, April 05, 2010

Filling 'Er Up With Regulars

Monday Easter Eggs

Cleaning out the cupboards, I came across a few bits and pieces. Each is a continuation of an earlier post, for which you are kindly requested to follow the tag.

The first is another Bud Blake Sunday Pictorial cover, from the same e-bay seller that kindly scanned in the first lot a couple of weeks ago. I shall keep an eye on this seller. The Blake cover is fascinating as usual. A masterwork of composition and color.

The second is a sample of a Greig Flessel project that was unfamiliar to me. Again taken from e-bay, it's part of a series Flessel apparently did after 'his' strip David Crane ran out of steam. Flessel alsways said he went from piety (David Crane) to pornography (Playboy), but apparently he did some psychicity inbetween.

The third offerin today is two more samples of Gill Fox lesser known New York City only Sunday strip Bumper to Bumper. I have shown more samples of this charming strip, which was obviously influenced by Dennis the Menace in the art and Hi and Lois as far as far the gags go. It appeared on and off between the mid fifties and the mid sixties and although a lot of Fox' original art appeared on the market after his death a couple of years ago, I have never seen any of the art or anything resembling a collection. I anyone has any more samples, I'd love to share them here.

Sunday Pictorial July 21 1957:

Nov 26 1972:

Feb 18 1962:

Feb 25 1962:

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