Monday, June 21, 2010

Late Quick

Monday Repair Day.

Well, it seems I am able to circumvent my upload problem by using another browser. Which means the problem is probably due to a Firefox update which hasn't been accepted yet by Blogger (and may do so in the future) or it's a system problem after all or maybe even it has to do with the pixies living in solar flares. I don't know.

Anyway, when I still thought I could upload another Johnny Quick story yesterday I saw I had reached the end of my run (and probably Mort Meskin's) with Adventure #133. I do have one last Johnny Quick story, this one from More Fun #106. After that I may start doing Meskin's Vigilante, but I am not sure yet at which point I would like to start. In Johnny Quick's case I didn't start too early, because all the early scans were from micro-fiche, but in this case I have more to choose from.

Before that I will have two more early sixties DC stories by Meskin from the period he was having troube with his drawing. One where Joe Kubert pitched in and one that's clrearly drawn or layed-out by Carmine Infantino.


Daniel [] said...

Page 7 of the story, corresponding to file morefun106_37, is missing.

sandy said...

Please post the missing page! And keep up the great work.