Monday, June 21, 2010

Enjoy in Silence

Monday Cartoon Day.

Well, after downloading the last set of program updates the whole thing is working again. I am not complaining, but I did like that whole solar flare pixy idea.

So let's make this quick and easy. I still have a couple of Al Jaffee's Sunday Tall Tales lying around. Who's going to do the collection of those? Paging Mr. Mullaney.

I may have mentioend this before, but Mr. Jaffee informed me that the three black and white strips are from a short period that the New York engravers were on strike.

April 24 1959:r

June 7 1959:

June 14 1959:

Nov 19 1961:

Dec 3 1961:

Dec 19 1961:

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